While Brooks FI Solutions is a new organization, our Team Members have a wealth of experience in both day-to-day Senior Management functions and consulting experience. Click on the links below to see a few of the roles our Members have played and the diversity of organizations with which we have worked, as well as the types of Consulting engagements the Team has managed.

Work Experience – Financial Services

Below is a sample of the roles that Brooks Consultants have played in their careers.

• Head of Consumer Banking
• Chief Marketing Officer
• CFO – Credit Card Bank
• Product Manager – Credit Card and Consumer Lending
• Product Manager - Retail Banking
• Manager - Strategic Planning - Major Credit Card Issuer
• Business Manager – Major Stored Value Issuer
• President – Mortgage Company
• President - Credit Life Insurance Company

Consulting Engagements

Below is an example of the Consulting Engagements that Brooks' Consultants have managed.

• Strategic Plans
• RFP Development
• RFP Management
• Profitability Analyses
• Risk Analyses
• Market Segmentation Analysis and Planning
• Marketing Strategies
• Functional Cost Studies
• New Product Analysis
• Acquisition Strategy
• Business Analysis
• E-Delivery Planning
• Payments Strategy

Client Experience

Below is a sample of various organizations which which Brooks' Consultants have worked through the years.

• Royal Bank of Canada
• Chase Merchant Services
• TSYS Merchant Acquiring
• Commerce Bank
• Unibanco
• Fininvest
• eGlobal
• MasterCard
• Saks Fifth Avenue Federal Credit Union
• Hartford Healthcare System
• California State University
• FedComp
• Mid-Atlantic Corporate Credit Union
• Exit Realty
• Watkins Trucking
• North Arundel Federal Credit Union
• First Indiana Bank
• Zions Bank
• Intuit
• AD Computer
• Global Axcess
• Bankcard Services
• Credicard
• Redicard
• Visa Argentina
• Banco Popular
• Provident Bank
• Direct Connect
• Universal Debit and Credit Corporation
• GlobeFunder
• Bank Independent
• Maverick Network Solutions