Credit Card and EFT Networks face a real relevance issue in today’s market. New payment technologies threaten to bypass both Credit Card and EFT networks. The major Credit Card networks have expanded acceptance and are providing strong incentives to Banks and Credit Unions to move to a single-source provider. At the same time, customer requirements continue to explode, fraud challenges grow, new technologies expand, and new products / segments open.

• What strategic / pricing advantage does the Network provide?
• What new markets / segments are on its radar screen?
• Does it understand what it will take to serve these markets / segments?
• How has it prioritized its development?
• What is it doing to protect against new entrants?
• How can it take more than its share of market growth?

The consultants at Brooks have deep experience in working with Banks, Credit Unions, and ISOs, as well as both Credit Card and EFT Networks. We will use this experience to provide our processor clients with assistance in several areas – strategy development, segment / market evaluation, new product / business evaluation, etc.