Sales Organizations

Brooks FI Solutions delivers practical, implementable solutions to all types of Independent Sales Organizations. Engagements can range from a quick 10-day evaluation of a new product opportunity, RFP preparation, or vendor evaluation to a full-scale Acquisition Evaluation, Strategic Plan or RFP Process.

Because Brooks’ consultants have hands-on experience, we deliver practical, no-nonsense solutions that can be implemented successfully within our clients’ environment. To find out how Brooks can add to your bottom line, please click on the appropriate link below.

New Products

Whether the Independent Sales Organization is in the ATM or Credit Card Business (or both), they are facing significant profit and growth issues. Margins are being squeezed. Consolidation, competition, and regulation are impacting growth potential. Market saturation is near 100%. To confront this challenge, many ISOs are looking at new product and market opportunities. Whether it is multi-function ATMs / Kiosks, Stored Value, Payments / Money Transfers, Phone and others, there is a confusing array of products and vendors, with more coming on line every day.

Brooks’ consultants have deep experience in the new product arena, as well as long experience working with Independent Sales Organizations. Whether it be a quick evaluation of a new product, a strategy to attack a new market opportunity, or management of an RFP, Brooks will provide its expertise to bring the optimal solution to our clients.

Processor Selection

Every Independent Sales Organization periodically selects or renews a vendor Agreement – whether it be for traditional ATM or Credit Card Processing, or for new product opportunities. While the tendency for the ISO is to focus on transaction price, often there are far greater issues, as many ISOs have found to their dismay dealing with Triple DES and / or compliance and performance issues – often with costs far in excess of transaction cost savings.

Brooks’ consultants have strong experience in performing such evaluations, and can provide expertise and assistance in every step, from RFP preparation through contract negotiation. We will provide a cost-effective process to help our ISO clients determine where their long-term partnership benefits lie.

Stored Value

The Stored Value arena provides significant opportunities for many Independent Sales Organizations. Retailer customers are facing a vast array of choices in the payments arena. New technologies are being developed that bypass traditional card and check payments. Credit Card and EFT Networks are changing their pricing and business models. The new Stored Value Arena – Gift Cards, PayCards, Check Cashing Cards, and the like provide significant revenue opportunities – if the right product / vendor / delivery selection is made. New rewards / loyalty schemes are proliferating.

• How can an ISO select the right strategy? Vendor?
• Help their retailer customer make the right choices among all of these options?
• How big is the opportunity?
• How can the ISOs salespeople sell it?

Brooks’ consultants have been involved in the development and implementation of many of these products. Whether the ISO is determining an overall emerging payments strategy, evaluating new product opportunities, or seeking someone to manage the RFP process, Brooks provides solid, implementable solutions to our ISO clients.